Product Details

Slim 24 Pro falls under Food/ Dietary/ Meal/ Nutritional Supplement Category. It is primarily and generally meant to serve the purpose of Weight Loss, Nutrition (which is supposed to be lacking in our regular/routine food intake), Strength Building, Enhanced Energy Levels and Overall Physical Fitness. This is a proprietary formula specifically designed to provide the human body with all the Vital Elements, in the measured right quantities, required to achieve and sustain a life full of strength, vitality and vigor.

Slim 24 Pro is a proprietary path-breaking Meal Replacement Formula, ingredients of which are 100% SAFE and PROVEN to provide all the VITAL building blocks and nutrients for a slim, strong, healthy and fit body. The major ingredient of Slim 24 Pro is Whey Protein known to be the safest and most widely accepted form of Amino Acids or Proteins. It also has all the major Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids and the requisite Fibers needed to support a healthy body.

Ingredients:Slim 24 PRO holds whey Protein in Crossflow Micro-Ultrafiltered structure for exceptional assimilation inside the figure further making as sound muscle building or quick muscle harm recuperation. There are numerous other exactingly picked components to upgrade wellness of human form, for example Folate, Iron, Vitamin A, B & C, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin, Zinc, Phosphorus and so on basically needed for figure to manage the rigors of day by day living.

How To Use: Take Two scoops of Slim 24 Pro with Milk, Curd or Water to not further indulge in unhealthy snacking, that are responsible for various health issues such as obesity, uneven muscle-tone, reduced stamina due to excess energy consumption for body to cope up with unnecessary food intake. Regular usage of Slim 24 Pro will eventually lead to the body losing extra body fat, giving away the best body shape...

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.