Product Details

Sauna Belt helps you eliminate cellulite, lose excess weight and relax any form of muscle pain. It gives you great health benefits while you are relaxing at your place. The belt focuses the sauna heat on indicated body parts and helps eliminate toxins.

Works as a massager & gives relief from pains.

Heat melts fats in the body and helps in inch loss.

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The Sauna Belt works by heating on those body parts where the excess weight has to be reduced. It cuts down fats, cellulite, relax the muscles and simultaneously the wearer can watch TV, laze in the room, complete the household works, read a novel or indulge in anything desired. No exhausting workouts, no heavy weight loss equipments, no intake of harmful pills or syrup. All you need is simply Sauna Slim Belt to burn those excessive calories around abdomen, waist, back and thighs without tiring workout sessions and see your obesity disappearing. Moreover it enhances the metabolism and relaxes the stressed muscle right instantaneously.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.