Product Details

No Addiction Powder is an amazing and powerful remedy for treating different kinds of drug addiction. Smoking, drinking and similar other products adversely affect various parts of our body. According to national cancer institute, addiction to such harmful substances can lead to the cancers of the mouth, esophagus, pharynx, larynx, liver in men and of breast cancer in women. Addiction to alcohol, cigarette and tobacco is dangerous for your health. The addiction to these substances can lead to various substances.

How it helps.

The herbs utilized to prepare Zero Addiction works in three ways,
1) It induces a substance-opposing tendency in the individual using it.
2) It further detoxifies the organs and body as whole to regain health deteriorated due to substance abuse.
3) It helps addict regain the mental strength to resist the urge for further use.

Ingredients -

Gulbanafsha 2gm
Nishoth 4gm
Vidarikand 15gm
Gileo 4gm
Nagkeshar 3gm
Kutki 2gm
Kalmegh 1gm
Bhringraj 6gm
Kasni 6gm
Brahmi 6gm
Bhuiamla 4gm
Amla 11gm
Harar Kali 11gm
Laung 1gm
Arjun 6gm
Neem 7gm
Punarna 11gm

How to use:

Take 2-3 grams of Stop Addiction powder and swallow it with the help of water early in the morning. If you want to use Stop Addiction on an addict without him knowing, it can be mixed and eaten with normal food too as it is almost tasteless as well as odorless.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.