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Body Buildo is well known for its numerous wonderful favours infused with the power of 100% whey protein. It helps your health muscular and well developed. Body Buildo commonplace delivered to you its legendary quality fineness at exceptional cost. This 100% whey protein gives you all the essential amino acids needed for muscle recovery and tissue regeneration.

The goodness of very best and pure whey protein is now cheapest, thanks to Body Buildo. Each serving gives 25g of quickly digesting whey protein with low levels fat, lactose, cholesterol, and other stuff.

 How To Use:-

Mix two tea spoons of Body Buildo with 250ml. of milk OR Water and take twice a day.

Close the container tightly after each use.

Store in a cool & dry place.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease.


Whey protein, Protein, Maltodextrine, Skimmed milk, Vitamins, Minerals, Sucrose, Approved Flavours and Preservatives.

Benefits : 

Body Buildo is a useful product which will help to regulate body weight, increase muscle mass and give a variety of health and well-being advantages. Many of the advantages of Body Buildo are directly associated to its complete amino acid profile, that builds it an excellent-quality, simply digestible protein source. Body Buildo powder contains a variety of antioxidant substances that provides its potential to stop illness and increase overall health.

Lose Fat and Preserve Muscle

Increase Size and Strength

Fight Cancer

Coping with Stress

Improved Immune System

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.